Organic worm farms 

REDUCE YOUR CARBON FOOTPRINT by composting your kitchen scraps with earth worms

We supply you with a complete Organic red kariba worm farm to naturally dispose of your kitchen scraps while making organic compost for your garden

Make your own Organic fertilizer and worm tea (natural steroids for your plants) to sell to gardeners or use in your own garden .

Breed your own red wigglers for fishing .
complete settled worm farms in stock

Med worm farm 500 worms with farm  R350
Large worm farm 1000 worms with farm R500
X-large worm farm with 2000 worms with farm R750
Xx-large worm farm with 4000 worms  R1000

delivery around gauteng R120 to courier we will get a quote according to size of farm and destination
Worms and farms can be sent by courier nationwide


2ltr -R50
5ltr -R 120
10 ltr -R230
20 ltr R450
25 ltr -R530
the vermi tea is cncentrated and can be diluted 1/4 on your plants and 1/10 on your lawn

Medium worm farm with 500 worms 


Large worm farm with 1000 worm 


X-Large worm farm with 2000 worms 

Xx-Large worm farm with 4000 worms 

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