Fancy Grow Bags

Fancy grow bags are made from a woven polyprolene material that has a life span of 7-8 years before it starts breaking down

Produce a better yield

Enviromentally Friendly and re-usable

Special industrial sewing thread with excellent UV and weather protection.

Breathable Fabric to maximise air to your roots

The design of the bag prevents overwatering

Suitable for EBB and Flow Hydro Systems

Use indoors and outdoors.

With our grow bags you would have better produce and a better yield per plant than in normal soil

Grow Bags are becoming the preffered method for many outdoor, greenhouse and indoor growers.  Material Grow Bags help aerate the root zone, regulate temperature and help prevent overwatering.

Fancy Grow Bags are more durable than plastic bags and much more breathable than Plastic Containers or Bags.  This is an especially important consideration as many new growers underestimate the importance of getting air, specifically oxygen, to the root zone.  Whilst the Green parts of the plants (above ground) breathe in CO2, roots actually breathe O2, which is integral to their growth and development.  It is for this Primary Advantage that many Commercial Growers Choose Fabric Grow Bags, as the size of the root structure is directly proportional to the yield of the plant.

Fancy grow bags come in a large range of sizes and shapes to suit any need  but can be custom made to order for your specific needs.